SRA Past Performance

The following data was provided from two Freedom of Information Act requests, one on the 2nd February 2010 and a later one initiated on the 28th March 2013.Clicking on either of those two dates will open the full request and responses in a new window, but the pertinent information is shown below.

Total number of complaints received and considered by the SRA about solicitors (June 2013)

2007 2008 2009      2010 2011 2012    
5127 5385 6157 8503 8312 8351

Note that the total number of complaints received by the SRA for 2011 and 2012 is 9417 and 10551 respectively, but the figures above do not include pending complaints.

The percentage of those complaints upheld by the SRA

Upheld (includes letters of advice)14%12%10%15%11%6%
Referred to Solicitors Discuplinary Tribunal2%4%2%3%2%0.6%
Added to existing Disciplinary Proceedings0%0%1%1%1%0.6%

* Note that of the complaints upheld, it is understood that the result in most cases was that the solicitor under investigation was issued with a "letter of advice", which simply advises them what they did wrong but does not impose a penalty as such.


In 2012, a total of 10,551 complaints about solicitors were received by the SRA. As of June 2013, around 8351 of those complaints have been considered and the cases closed. But of those 8,351 cases, just 52 of them resulted in the solicitor being referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, where punishments such as a fine or striking off can be handed down. Of the remaining 438 complaints that were upheld, the solicitor in question got nothing more than a letter of disapproval. These figures make it hard to have faith that the SRA is fit for the purpose of protecting the public and upholding standards if 94% of complaints are not upheld, and just 0.6% end with even a possibility of quantifiable punishment.

Background to my complaint against Thomas Eggar LLP


  1. I wrote to the SRA in excess of 30 times over the past year over Lyons Davidson, providing them with detailed reports, photos, quotes from their own SRA website about solicitor conduct, misconduct and so on and to date nothing! Lyons Davidson now says I owe them over £36,370 in their legal costs all over the placement of a wheelie bin in a shared alleyway! Check full story in the Daily Mail, published 4th January 2013 or search "£40,000 battle of the wheeelie bins"

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  3. I made a complaint against a solicitor by the name of Margaret Byrne, based in Warwickshire, given she breached the solicitor's code of conduct by deliberately attempting to mislead a panel of magistrates (eg she lied), not following protocol, deliberate deception, as well as her false allegation that I had somehow 'threatened' her, as well as her refusal to reply to any corresopndance sent her even though I was entitled to replies given I was self representing. I reported all of this to the SRA, and they did absolutely b*gger all about it. Disgusting. The stats you show above disgust me beyond words. These scum need to be held accountable for their behaviour, and we need to be free to complain without being threatened with 'libel' action. Nothing but bullies.

  4. I sympathese with you! My complaints about Lyons Davidson reached almost a briefcase load, all to the SRA, meticulously quoting their own rules from their own website, backed up by my photos, the Claimants own contradictory "evidence" and so on and to date, nothing. I'm now talking to the legal department of Which? Magazine to see if they can help as I believe they may have some clout.

  5. I sympathise in full. I paid a high profile, London based, international law firm who claim expertise in overseas property law just in order £5,000 to oversee a property transaction. I have not (to date) named them due to the intimidation I have felt. They failed to inform me that a crucial document was not in place and the implications of this. I have tried to stand up to them at the expense of huge mental anguish and personal suffering. This massive international firm has booted me in the face with all the ferocity at its disposal. To say I feel bullied is an understatement. This is not a level playing field and the present situation is unacceptable in a supposedly democratic society. There is no consumer protection or safeguards for clients of lawyers. Law firm's internal complaints procedures are very often a cosmetic exercise, a whitewash. The Legal Ombudsman has a very narrow remit - poor service, it does not deal with alleged negligence or the other issues raised in this blog.
    It is shocking fact that consumer protection law for clients of lawyers is more than inadequate - it doesn't exist, there is no official body which protects consumers.
    When one considers both the sums of money and gravity of the issues involved (property purchases etc) this is
    appalling. It is a comfort of sorts to know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. Unless ordinary individuals such as ourselves stand up and campaign for change the powerful elite will allow this situation to continue.
    I am campaigning for change - please see the petition below, or type into your browser.

    Thank you - let's overhaul this feudal, barbaric system. I for one have had enough of being sh-t on.

  6. My complaint to the SRA about the conduct of a particular solicitor was treated in a dismissive and obstructive way, with the evidence that I had repeatedly offered being ignored (it was even claimed by the Head of the Complaints Department of the SRA that there was no evidence despite my having repeatedly claimed they had not seen it!) and little interest in the breaches of the Code of Conduct that I accused the solicitor concerned as having made.

    With the SRA's complaints department being staffed by people of a similar view and who are still employed by the SRA, there is no independent oversight function, and in my view no desire to accept criticism about members or treat complaints as legitimate.

    After extensive but futile dealings with the SRA trying to get the actions of a particular practitioner scrutinised, my experience leads me to conclusion that the SRA is a self-serving "regulatory" body which exists more for the protection of its members than to perform the regulatory function that it purports to, and is unfit for this purpose.

    It seems very clear to me that the legal profession needs an independent regulatory body that is more objective than the SRA, in exactly the same way as every other profession has. Why should the legal profession be any different?

  7. Everything the previous posts have mentioned regarding the SRA I am now experiencing myself. The SRA are not in any way fit for purpose, they are a joke. Having supplied them with all the information regarding my complaint about both an employee Solicitor and a Partner of the firm of a company of Solicitors in Port Talbot, Wales they have done nothing with regard to my complaint. They do not answer any questions put to them and they are a complete and utter waste of time. In their last email to me they have made it quite clear that they are answerable to nobody, nobody regulates them and Solicitors know this because when I made my complaint to the firm they laughed in my face and said "carry on nothing will happen to us anyway not by the Legal Ombudsman, the SRA or the Law Society." It has become quite clear to me that a Solicitor can behave in any way he/she wants as there is nobody out there to safeguard the client.

  8. Discovering this article made me smile... not least because I feel somewhat responsible. I confess. It's a fair cop!

    What didn't make me smile was all the comments that show that it is STILL going on and NOTHING has changed.

    IMHO the last poster is absolutely correct. A solicitor CAN behave in any way he/she wants and there is NOBODY out there to safeguard the Client. Worse - those who PRETEND to "regulate" are as arrogant and self-serving as the CRIMINALS they purport to be checking up on.

    I have probably been everywhere it is possible to go bar the ECHR - numerous appeals and (finally) the Court of Appeal. A solicitor is supposed to be An Officer of the Court and as such the Courts have a Right and a Duty to take action against. At least one judge told me "You are wrong. This may have been the case once but now solicitors are regulated by the Law Society" (or words to that effect - anyway he simply dismissed me) - the SRA will tell you that unless a Court criticizes the solicitor there is nothing they can do.

    This FOI request was refused

    I wish every victim the very best of luck


    1. It is absolutely appalling how solicitors band together like an exclusive set of moronic fools. They fleece the public purse , fleece their clients , lie cheat and misrepresent facts in issue . They buy influence , favours , court staff and even Judges . The SRA will go after minorities , small firms minor infractions but not where it counts as they are often connected and linked to the firms the subject of complaint . They make it almost impossible to complain and condone and encourage malpractice . Solicitors have no respect for their position as officers of the court and enjoy the psudeo respectability that goes with that status . The ones I've come across have less integrity , less honesty than a 2 bit hooker and many are part of a legal mafia stifling, bullying and embroiling innocent victims in a needless paper war . When consumers dared to speak out about rogue solicitors with the much commended solicitors from hell they clubbed together to remove the site an honest response to sleazy lawyers . Criminals at least don't pretend to be anything other than they are lawyers are con merchants and scamsters . The SRA needs a radical overhaul and to be regulated by those outside the profession . No other country allows their lawyers to escape accountability it's no wonder solicitors laugh at the SRA .

  9. I have also made several complaints to the SRA about a solicitor who has fabricated documents on many occasions and submitted them to court as genuine documents.
    Nothing was done........The only way is to lay the facts out before a Magestrates Court in a private prosecution fora summons to be issued against said solicitor.......that at least attacths attention including the attention of the SRA................worth thinking about .....cost nothing to lay the information before the Magestrates Court.....the cost begins if you decide to really pursue it. Just my opinion as a lay person with no legal qualifications of ay description


  10. Me too! The SRa are as closed shop as they come, institutionally biased towards the legal profession and what's worse the SRA have a flagrant dieregard for real time complaints. They cite resource limitations! Absolute garbage, it is my opinion that they are "controlled" by a higher agency. Even presenting them with overwhelming proof of deception, malpractice and down right deception they seem to be devoid of all moral value and after speaking with some of their staff, their attitude is one of extreme low morale and almost dismissive. Yet another example of tiered unregulated agency infrastructure with only self-preservation on their minds. Disgraceful.

  11. The figures speak for themselves. The SRA's deplorable record beggers belief. It should be made to be accountable for its inaction and ineptitude. We cannot all be wrong, can we? Therefore, the introduction of targets must be considered. Divine retribution has commeth in the form of Direct Access (public access scheme which dispenses with the need for 'Joe Public' to be required to retain a solicitor to access Counsel). Barristers are generally much cheaper by the hour and WILL provide a definitive quote for the job required. Cutting out the solicitor has saved me a bundle. I've been using DA for a couple of years and not been near a solicitors office since. No more over-billing and duplication of costs. No more milking of client's funds merely to act as a postbox to a barrister. Solicitors? Let them rot and reduce in number being the best form of punishment one could wish for.

  12. My personal experience of the SRA is that they are a complete waste of time. They do not regulate properly and despite what is written in the SRA Handbook, they do not adhere or take complaints with any kind seriousness.

    I have reported a company that was involved in misleading the Court, harrassment and potential fraud and they were simply not interested. Frankly, I think the SRA should be disbanded and the Government implement a much better body that ramps down on solicitors who have no regard for thje legal system and the service to the public therein.

  13. C Anderson (Solicitor)21 August 2013 at 05:34

    Yes, I agree. I think the Government should implement a new body headed up with someone like Rick Kordowski. I read that the Law Society spent a fortune (partly funded with my money) shutting down his website. I consider myself a good lawyer and it makes my blood boil to hear that unscrupulous lawyers are simply being ‘protected’ by the SRA and LeO.

  14. oh dear..looks like I am at the beginning of an already well trodden road!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I speant over an hour to get Ms Dianne Falconbridge representing the Solicitors Regulation Authority, to say the word " complaint " instead of report as there is no complaints procedure for unlawful actions or negligence caused by practicing solicitors this country, they are operating totally unregulated , I am awaiting another phone battle before considering European courts of Human Rights as I reported this criminal activity to the metropolitan police who eventually put the phone down on me and told me to report it to the legal ombudsman , who actually only resolve disputes and do that very incompetently using ohh funnily enough ex solicitors !!! This corruption has to be exposed !!!!

  16. Another round of phone calls today resulted in more psychological abuse continually attempting to use disempowerment techniques , totally insulting , rude abusive , discriminating , nasty ignorant operators and call centre team leaders , decided to do the I hate people spouting the truth about their criminal behaviour and played the recorded message saying you have been "informed of everything you need to know from the SRA " automated message . God bless them all , the truth will prevail !!

    1. Oh how I empathize! I thought I was the only one who had experienced the solicitor from hell and the psychological abuse from the legal Ombudsman (and the closed shop attitude of the SRA). The main goal of my "investigator" was indeed to disempower and make me crumble. It worked - I was so taken aback by this extremely bullying operator ( Ms Caroline Foster) that I tried to hold my own and simply couldn't - I actually went into shock after the first encounter/telephone call with her.
      I decided to pick myself up though- foolishly believing Ms Foster was an exception and if I complained about her conduct- I would be listened to. How wrong could I have been. Complaining about Ms Foster through their own complaints system eventually got me to someone senior in the ranks - who was an even more competent bully . He was so defensive and offensive that I told him if he did not believe the distress Ms Foster had caused me and the complete error of her judgment, he should go away and listen to the recording of the conversation (he admitted they made recordings which he could pull) and report back. Of course, he never reported back and I got a bullying missive to the effect that if I complained further my words would land on deaf ears and I could shout and scream as much as I liked, they would not listen. I have kept my own recording of both calls,and I will hang on to them. Hopefully at some point in time it will be of use as evidence of the atrocious behind-the-facade bullying of the Legal Ombudsman staff - all to protect solicitors who have let their clients down and couldn't care less.

  17. The only way to get Justice seem to privately prosecute a solicitor at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.
    The SRA has no function except to protect bad solicitors.
    Does anyone know a good Solicitor in Exeter?

  18. And I thought that I was alone in thinking the SRA were rubbish. A Swansea solicitor told the SRA that a Grant of Probate was in the process of being transfered. This was a lie, I asked the SRA to ask him when it was transfered they refused. This resulted in the solicitor bypassing the executor and distributing a estate of £180,000 to his clients and paying himself £20,000.
    What have the SRA done - nothing!

  19. I have a story of nine years of abuse and frauds against many families - Does anyone know where best to get information about private prosecution for fraud and harassment against solicitors?

    1. Yes, visit:

  20. My solicitor in London was blatantly acting against me, evidence of frauds, bribery and and conflict of interests plainly available yet SRA never replied back to my complaint. Calling them is a total waste of time as it is a waste of energy and resources to complain to the Legal service Ombudsman, the more serious is the crime committed by their fellow associates , the more the establishment protect them. Every citizen of of the UK who fall victim of corrupted solicitors should file a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights rather than write to SRA. You might try to report the crime to the Police just to get further evidence that the Police itself won't never investigate.

  21. I have made several complaints to the SRA over the conduct of Nigel Jonathan Davies of Davies & Davies Associates Ltd. My allegation to the SRA cited that during the course of litigation in which NJD was acting for a builder who systematically destroyed my home, that he abused process on several occasions. My allegation also involved information that leads to a reasonable suspicion that he and others committed Fraud and Perverted the Course of Justice. The SRA replied only after I had to make a Freedom of Information Request that no action would be taken.
    The bodies function is solely to protect the interest of Solicitors. It is not accountable to anyone. They do not keep the complainer informed. Put quite simply, the body is NOT fit for purpose.

  22. A few years ago my lawyer at the time, who was handling a big case for me, was shut down (intervened) by the Law Society - for something he did with another client and nothing to do with me.

    It was a nightmare getting my files back from the firm that had packed everything up (appointed by the Law Society). Some of the papers were missing and the rest were in a mess.

    A few years later, I discovered that the oponnent's lawyers had got hold of some of my files (that I thought were missing or lost during the intervention) from the law firm that had been appointed by the Law Society.

    Despite mounting a major investigation and writing to everybody, I never got an explanation for how this happened.

    The matter came out in court and a high court judge in London found the lawyer acting for the other side to be guilty of misconduct.

    I reported all of this to the SRA, including the finding of misconduct by a high court judge, and asked them to find out about how my confidential files had found their way to the opoonent's lawyer.

    The SRA was about as interested as they could be in the price of cheese in Timbuktu. Or maybe they were really very interested but wanted to make sure nothing happened.

    Either way, they shut the whole investigation down and refused to do anything.

  23. Myself and other co-defendants complained bitterly to the SRA about the misconduct of a solicitor who was acting against us. He:

    1. Lied about the status of a Claimant, saying she was entitled to represent all the heirs of her dead father, when she had not even applied for probate;

    2. Stole our files when our previous solicitor was shut down by the Law Society - this adversary solicitor we complained of, approached the intervening firm appointed by the law society and pretended that his client (Claimant) owned the files that belonged to us (Defendants);

    3. Sent copies of witness statements and court applications to all my neighbours and friends, calling me a fraudster and crook.


    A year later a high court judge actually found that this solicitor was guilty of misconduct. I told the SRA. They still did absolutely nothing.

    The SRA is worse than useless. They give a misleading impression that they "regulate" the legal profession, when in fact they do nothing of the sort. By giving that misleading impression, they give false comfort to people who think that the SRA / Law Society will keep misbehaving solicitors in check and protect the public.

    Nothing of the sort.

    It would be more honest to have no SRA at all.